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At Payforfunerals, a team composed of dedicated, driven individuals, offers you the power to make the best final expense life insurance policy choice, suited specifically to your wants and needs. We help secure your future, hassle free.

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Our method prioritizes the client, by taking into account various factors, such as purchasing power, their current and long – term state of affairs, as well as processing their needs on an individual level. We fashion our approach to be as comfortable, open and clear as possible for our consumers, ensuring that they receive the best services, and options in terms of a burial insurance policy, all while maintaining the essence of their valuable time.

How do we operate?

The process integrated by us, is basic. Here lies a walk – through of the 3 steps:


Our team steers you seamlessly through the entire process, by answering any questions that might come to your mind, always keeping your best interests at heart. The service that we provide is prompt, and efficiently allocates to you any specific information you may require, to make the best choice, right at home with us.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the maximum amount of benefit that you can reap from an insurance policy, at a profitable and reasonable cost, that is most fitting for you. We want to impart a service that leaves you well informed and educated on the matter of life insurance, so we can enable you to safely secure and look after the future of your prized possessions – your loved ones. Through the incorporation of our commitment, vision and commendable work ethic, we are sure to offer the very best to our clientele.

Why People Choose Us?

We're here for the bad times. The good ones, too.

Whilst searching for a premier life insurance policy, people drift towards advertisements, or various marketing campaigns. However, the range of options for that carrier are not wide, and offer limited input, despite possessing a quality product – something that is subjective to different consumers, and not necessarily of value to you. There is also no assurance of it being the optimal choice for you, or the most affordable. 

However, PayforFunerals, operates through means of a host of different partners, which enables us to dissect circumstances that definitively revolve around you, staying wary of your wants and budget restraint, presenting to you the ideal insurance policy.

What factors determine how much coverage you need?

There are a number of factors that play a key role in determining how much coverage you need in terms of life Insurance policy. Some of which are:

  • Your health
  • Number of dependent family members on you (especially young children, if any)
  • Your financial status
  • Age
  • The state you live in

(This matters because some policies differ from state to state – due to the difference in laws regarding Life insurance policies)

How are we unique? What distinguishes us from other companies?

With a team comprising of highly capable individuals – one with more than 40 years worth of experience, we show nothing but dedication and commitment towards our clients. Our sterling work ethic, paired with our diverse partners, and top – rated insurance carriers leave no stone un turned when it comes to your future, and filter through life insurance policies to find the best possible option for you.

The group of internal, licensed agents at PayforFunerals are commission – free, and work merely and entirely to your benefit, by answering all your queries and provide honest, unendorsed guidance on the matter of your life insurance policy. We pride ourselves on being technologically creative, and inventive, while remaining consumer – oriented, and placing ourselves in your shoes to add a unique flair to the services we offer you

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Living in a big city has its pros and cons. Thanks to your amazing services I feel safe and taken care of insurance-wise. Excellent customer support, loyal staff and programs!”

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith

New York

Being in retirement always seemed unknown for risks and income. However, I feel safe after contacting this company. I am grateful for the insurance benefits for my family plan!”

Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore

North Carolina

My experience have been extremely satisying this far, and I am able to live a full life with all the joys of my own house and vehicle. Thank you so much for your hard work!”

Mandy Ferrera

Mandy Ferrera


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